Impressions Kids Club
Holiday Camp

We round up the best enriching camps for every holiday season!

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Revamped space includes two party rooms, a cooking studio, science lab, Mini spa, and a parents lounging area to relax while waiting for their kids.

There will also be rooms with soft playgrounds for children to play and have fun!


Join Us as we explore a fun range of camp : 

STEM Adventures, Nature & Outdoor, Mindfull & Wellness, arts & crafts!

Best of All Camps

Having a hard time choosing between our various camps? We’ve got you covered.

Enjoy the best of ALL worlds as we explore each and every aspect of Impressions Kids Club camps.

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STEM Adventures

Unleash your inner scientist as we discover the world of Science through fun experiments and activities!
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Nature & Outdoor 

Venturing outdoors is always fun! Whether it's “Going on a Green Adventure” or “Magnificent Creatures”, kids will learn more about the world around them and about various plants and animals. 
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Mindful & Wellness

Relax and have a spa week! Make edible masks, decorate cupcakes, and even get your own personalized bath robe!
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