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Our Story

Impressions Kids Club is located in the peaceful and serene forested compounds of Horsecity.

A perfect place to escape the stresses of city life and enjoy effortless, guilt-free fun.  

Within the compound we have a Kids Pamper Spa Zone and a Glow-in-the-Dark Game Room - both ensuite with private nature decks that feature sand and gardening Play. And did we mention a private stable

to house a pony? It's the perfect venue for parties and events of all occasions! 




Impressions Kids club includes a magical indoor playground with fun slides, a trampoline, and obstacle courses that challenge the mind and stimulate the imaginations of little ones. Parents can join in the fun, or relax in our comfortable lounge nook - sip on drinks while waiting for their kids.

Childminding services have never been so convenient! Simply pop in to join an activity

class, or join friends for a playdate and

enjoy a sumptuous meal. Play buddies make

sure that everyone is included in the fun

and are on hand to deliver and facilitate play

in every area of the club, so grown-ups can

simply kick back and relax.

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