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Impressions Art Studio’s art classes for children is an open-ended experience.


Children are given the choice to use any materials in the studio to create their artwork.

Teachers stimulate children's creativity by engaging them and providing them with the necessary guidance.

At our studio, teachers and children work together to enjoy the process of art-making. Our teachers are passionate about imparting their interests and passion to the children.


"We believe that every student is uniquely piqued with different interests.

At impressions art studio, we do not restrict weekly themes,

Students are encouraged to pick a theme based on personal interest"

Impressionist 1
For ages 4 to 6 years old, this program gives children the opportunity to explore the world of art-making and encourages them to express themselves through their artworks.
Every session is filled with fun and creativity. Our children get to pick a subject matter and we will help them explore it artistically through different mediums and styles.
Three Cute Kids
Impressionist 2
This program is tailored to students of age 7 to 10 years old, where they will delve deeper into various art techniques of different mediums.
Students are encouraged to make their own decisions to express individualism and unique artistic style while learning about art theory.
Girl Lying Down
Impressionist 3
A fun and educational art program for 11 to 16 years old, that is designed to build confidence, and inspire creativity and imagination.
Students are carefully mentored to further their artistic talents and discover their full potential through working on various art mediums alongside experienced and talented teachers.
Cute Girl in Classroom


Date & Time: 
Tuesday - Friday, 4-5pm / 5-6pm
Saturday & Sunday, 9-10am / 10-11am

1 Hour / Session

Age Requirements:
4 to 12 Years Old