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De Kinder Club

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we believe that every child is a gift. Every child is capable of thinking creatively. Inspired by early education concepts from Europe, De Kinder Club’s multi-disciplinary approach focuses primarily on experiential learning.


Conducted by Early Childhood certified teachers, these classes include music, story telling, sensory and gross motor elements. Plenty for your little ones to be entertained, learn and grow within the 45 minutes session!

1 parent accompanied class

Kinder Tots


Kinder Tots focuses on sensorial and messy play which further stimulates the little ones’ brain development. Following a thematic approach, children will be exposed to different themes and topics each week to expose them to a multitude of experiences!

Kinder Explorer

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multi-sensory and experiential learning class wherechildren learn about the world and themselves through all their senses. They build on vocabulary, fine motorand communication skills, curiosity and a love for learning, and confidence!

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Trial Class

To find out more information on De Kinder Club classes, trial class availability and age requirements, feel free to check with the team below.

Class booking, cancellation and reschedule policy:

  • 2 credits can be utilized for 1 Enrichment Class.

  • All classes have to be booked 24 hours in advance.

  • Any requests for cancellations or rescheduling must be made a minimum of 24 hours prior to the scheduled class.

  • Failure to provide prior notice for a no-show will result in the deduction of credits accordingly.

Credit Packages
Take a look at all of our credit packages and opt for one best suited for you and your little ones!

If you have further enquiries, contact us at

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