Kids at Playground


Welcome to Impressions Kids Club!

We realised the needs for parents to enjoy "ME" time, especially so when your kids require your attention 24/7! So here we are!


An Exclusive Members Club invented to fulfil the needs of both Child and Parent!

A place where families come together to enjoy creative classes, relax at peaceful Club lounges, alongside a safe play area, get invited to events and healthy dining all in a safe environment. 

Here's how it works!

Kids enjoy fun and enriching Drop off Creative Activities while, 

Parents enjoy Club Members Privileges :

  • Relax at the serene and peaceful waterfall lounge

  • Enjoy special curated Exclusive Club Lounge Breakfast and High Tea sets

  • Access to hotel facilities like the gym and pool 

  • Work from lounge access with High-Speed Wifi 

Come down and join us today!

Find out more about the different Membership tier Impressions offered!